English version of the website professional astrologer Andrei Bukharin


My name is Andrey Bukharin.

I am a professional astrologer from Russia.

My experience of astrological practice for over 25 years.

I have the astrological education.

1st medical education.

2nd degree with honors from the management of organizations, financial management.

I have management experience Director General for more than 20 years.

I am the head of the School of Modern Astrology online, writing articles and books, speaks at conferences, filmed on TV, I am consulting, writing free astrological recommendations for every day.


English-speaking clients, I offer my services are of two kinds: written and voice through Skype. Unfortunately, my English is still not very good advice and I spend with voice interpreters, so my voice advice are more expensive than the written advice.

I answer the questions:

 - Predictions of events for a month, a year, 5 years, 15 years, etc.

 - Selection of dates and time of important events such as weddings, business opening, safe trip on vacation, the conception and birth of children, etc.

 - Compatible partners varieties: temperament, work, love, money, conflict, karmic debts, outlook, good or harm, etc.

 - Karmic task of cosmic destiny of man in this life, goals, objectives and ways to solve them.

  - Astrocartography: the definition of favorable and dangerous places in the world to conceive a child, love, business, etc.

 - Description of the person: the strengths and weaknesses of character and walks of life with the recommendations.

 - Selection of name for a person, machinery, business, etc.

The cost of my services for individuals from the complexity of the order: $ 100 to $ 700



For business:

  - Issues of recruitment;

  - Schedule forecast periods success or failure (subordinates, management);

  - Forecast of Business Development;

  - Astrocartography business: determining the countries where the business will be successful or dangerous;

  - For guidance: the selection of the date for holding successful negotiations, presentations, reports, business trips;

  - For traders: the periods of successful and unsuccessful trade;

  - Analysis of the competition: their strengths and weaknesses, etc .;

  - Support in the courts, and conflicts;

   - Analytical services for corporations, any other services on the topics of geopolitical and business forecasts;

I accept payment on Pay Pal.

The cost of my services for corporations is individual and depends on the complexity of the order